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Our office is proud to offer comprehensive hearing healthcare, from consultations and hearing evaluations, all the way to helping you pick out your hearing aid and finding the perfect fit!

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Find out what our hearing professionals can do to treat your hearing loss!

If left untreated, hearing loss may lead to serious issues. 

Recent studies showed that there is a link between hearing loss, tinnitus and many other conditions both physical and mental: diabetes, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, anxiety/depression, dementia, allergies, thyroid and autoimmune disorders, Noise Induced Hearing Loss. Our Board Certified Doctor of Audiology has many years of experience in your diagnosis and treatment. We are able to refer you to the appropriate healthcare specialist when and if you need treatment outside of our scope.

We provide all type of hearing aids such as full Digital, Artificial intelligence Technology, invisible in the canal, completely in the canal, thin tube Micro behind the Ear and receiver in the canal, wireless and Bluetooth compatible and Rechargeable Hearing Aids. You may come to our office for evaluation and treatment or you may schedule a visit to your home or office! We work with all major insurances and third-party financing companies. 0% financing on hearing aids is available for qualified applicants. Our after-sale services are incomparable; we provide loss and damage coverage with no deductible and a return policy between 1–3 months, dependent upon manufacturer and/or insurance policy. 

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Tinnitus & Dizziness

Tinnitus is a multi-faceted and nuanced disorder. Anxiety, depression, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), neck/spine disorders, drugs and certain medications may cause tinnitus. Tinnitus accompanied by hearing loss may be treatable with hearing aids. We do a complimentary hearing test to find out which hearing aids are right for you or if you may benefit from tinnitus retraining therapy or sound therapy.

We diagnose dizziness and balance disorders, as well. We will refer you to the appropriate healthcare specialist (neurologist, physiotherapist, ENT, psychiatrist) when and if necessary. 

Tinnitus Hearing and Balance Disorders

Do you have any of the following issues or symptoms?

If you have any of the following issues or symptoms, it’s time to see a doctor of audiology:

  • Difficulty hearing television and/or music at normal volumes
  • Difficulty hearing in noisy environments and at long distances
  • Ear ringing or buzzing (tinnitus)
  • Hypersensitivity to sounds (hyperacusis or misophonia)
  • Vertigo, dizziness or generalized balance disorder
  • Pain or itching in ears
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Hearing Loss in Children

Snoring, frequent colds and mouth breathing may be due to enlarged tonsils/adenoids which may cause ear infections, and may lead to permanent hearing loss and/or central auditory processing disorder.

We do an auditory diagnosis evaluation and refer you to the appropriate healthcare specialist when and if necessary. 

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If you have any of the symptoms above, contact us to schedule an appointment.

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